Argonite RVX1

The Argonite RVX1 is a premium, all-seasons light commercial tire. This range is designed for medium to large vans and light commercial vehicles. It offers the ideal blend of good wet and dry performance, mileage and safety with high load carrying capacity.


  1. Specially formulated tread compound.
  2. Lateral grooves.
  3. Strong casing.


  1. Good mileage and high fuel efficiency.
  2. Increased wet traction and braking.
  3. Higher load carrying capacity and durability.
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185R14102/100RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
195/70R15104/102RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
205/70R15104/102RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
225/70R15107/105RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
195/65R16106/104RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
205/65R16112/110RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
225/65R16112/110RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia
235/65R16115/113RCVANLoad CarrierIndonesia