1. Tough tread blocks design is for all-terrain conditions with high speed stability, off road driving and strong traction.
  2. Special compound for strong tread which has good cut resistance performance.
  3. 3D block design enhances the grip ability on both wet and dry roads, which essentially protects the tread against injury under severe road conditions.
  4. All series Outlined White Letter (OWL) design provides nicer tire aesthetics.
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215/75R15 OWL100S10.5All Terrain A/T
235/75R15 OWL105S10.8All Terrain A/T
30×9.50R15 LT104R 6PR13All Terrain A/T
31×10.50R15 LT OWL109S 6PR13All Terrain A/T
215/70R1699T10.5All Terrain A/T
235/70R16104T10.8All Terrain A/T
235/85R16 LT OWL120/116S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
245/70R16 OWL106T10.8All Terrain A/T
245/75R16 LT OWL120/116S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
255/70R16111T10.8All Terrain A/T
265/70R16111T10.8All Terrain A/T
265/75R16 LT OWL123/120S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
285/75R16 LT126/123S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
265/65R17 OWL110T10.8All Terrain A/T
265/70R17 LT OWL121/118S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
285/70R17 LT121/118S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
35×12.50R17 LT121S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
255/60R18112H10.8All Terrain A/T
285/60R18116T10.8All Terrain A/T
35×12.50R18 LT123S 10PR13All Terrain A/T
265/50R20107T9.8All Terrain A/T
35×12.50R20 LT121S 10PR13All Terrain A/T