1. Zigzag longitudinal grooves provide excellent water dispersion and improve tire flexibility.
  2. Special structure design greatly improves the loading capacity.
  3. Intensive sipes are designed to minimize the noise level and enhance heat dispersion performance, which will greatly ensure the driving safety.
  4. Deeper and wider tread design ensures excellent driving stability and a longer mileage.
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155R13C90/88S 8PR LT10Commercial Rating
165R13C94/93S 8PR10Commercial Rating
165/70R13C88/86S 6PR LT10Commercial Rating
175R13C97/95S 8PR10Commercial Rating
165R14C96/95S 8PR LT10Commercial Rating
165/70R14C84/80S 6PR LT10Commercial Rating
175/65R14C90/88T 6PR LT10Commercial Rating
175/70R14C98/96R 8PR LT10Commercial Rating
185/70R14C102/100Q 8PR LT10Commercial Rating
205/65R15C102/100T 6PR9Commercial Rating
175/75R16C101/99R 8PR9Commercial Rating
215/60R16C108/106T 8PR9Commercial Rating
215/75R16C116/114S 8PR9Commercial Rating
215/60R17C109/107T 8PR9Commercial Rating
235/60R17C117/115T 10PR9Commercial Rating