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CF1100 All Terrain Special

CF1100 All Terrain Special

The Comforser CF1100 (AT) all-terrain tyre was specifically designed to handle the uniqueness of the Australian outback and dry on-road conditions.


Having been developed specifically for the Australian lifestyle, the structure of the Comforser CF1100 AT tyre is capable of handling the harshest and most extreme environments.



Tested in Australia

  • Australia has a unique driving landscape defined by frequent switching between on and off-road terrain - Aussie 4WD owners regularly subject their tyres to various types of surfaces such as bitumen, gravel, rock, sand and mud.
  • Our local testing not only included the collection of controlled environment data, but it also included a number of “4x4 experience” data points, where we sent true blue Aussie 4WDers on multiple routes across Western Australia in the wet and dry.
  • The test results were sent back to the manufacturer’s lab in Japan for analysis. The team then aggregate this data, and put it to use across the supply of other OEM tyres to the likes of Kawasaki and Komatsu.

Beyond Minimum Load Rating

  • Rather than cutting corners or taking the easy way out, Comforser Tyres Australia believe in going above and beyond. For this reason, we build our tyres tougher, and with enough density to allow you to carry all your toys.
  • The high silica compound maximises durability and the life of the tyre. It also reduces rolling resistance, whilst providing better grip performance over the course of its long-life mileage.
  • To put it simply, our tyres are stronger and heavier than the majority of ATs on the market.

Pattern and Scalloped Shoulders

  • The classic zig zag pattern and scalloped shoulders of the CF1100 allows for excellent on-road driving stability and performance (wet and dry conditions), without compromising off-road traction.
  • Performance is the most important consideration for most 4WDers. We also understand you want your tyres to look bloody good, and without the deafening, roaring road noise that drives you crazy every time you hit the freeway.
  • Comforser Tyres Australia is ecstatic about the look of the CF1100, and feedback from customers regarding the on-road noise is encouraging.



    235/75R15 105T
    Rim Diameter Aspect Ratio Speed Rating UTQG
    15 - 20 85s - 60s R/S/T 420/A/B
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